Two weeks have gone so quickly; tomorrow I go back to work. Of course I’m nervous, I was a bit of a wreck when I walked out of the doors a fortnight ago, but I do feel like I’m ready. 

There’s going to be plenty I need to crack on with tomorrow, so I need to make sure that I don’t get overwhelmed, stay in control and most importantly – stay calm. If I don’t, I’ll get myself into a panic, and I really don’t want that to happen. This post is a little insight into what keeps me calm. 

“Things that make me calm” was one of the first pages in my notebook that wasn’t covered in worry. It’s important that I try to remember this stuff when I start to panic.   Lists – Lists absolutely calm me down. If I’m feeling overwhelmed, writing things down helps and means that I can put things in order of priority. I feel more in control of the situation with a list in front of me.  Talking about normal things – Mostly this is Harry. When I was having a tough time at work and things were getting pretty bad, calling Harry and asking him to tell me about his day was a great first step to putting my situation in perspective.  A fresh cup of tea – I’m British, I like tea. But seriously, there is nothing that can’t be fixed by a good cuppa. It sounds cliché but for me, it works.  Going for a walk – Getting out of the situation and getting some fresh air really helps when I’m getting myself worked up. It takes me away from anything that could have triggered the panic in the first place and also really helps if I start to get flustered – thanks to the perpetually cold English weather.  Being offline – Put the phone down. Put the iPad down. Step away from the Internet. I’m not entirely sure why or how this works, it’s not often that it’s something online that sets me off. But nonetheless, getting away from technology helps me to calm down.  Falling asleep in front of the TV – There’s something nice about falling asleep in front of the TV. Obviously this isn’t something I can do if I’m at work, but after a bad day, there’s nothing nicer than a quick snooze on the sofa in an evening.  Going to pole – I’ve written an entire post about how pole fitness helps my anxiety, but any exercise in general is meant to be great for staying calm, relaxing and help control anxiety.  Listening to the rain (or wind) – This is another slightly cliché answer, but it’s lovely isn’t it? Being cosy and dry inside while you can hear the rain on the window outside. I guess that’s why you can get apps now to make the noises in case it isn’t raining (although in England that isn’t too often!).  Scented candles – This one works when the smell is familiar. I guess it doesn’t have to be a candle, just a nice, familiar smell. It takes me out of the situation in which I’m feeling overwhelmed and takes me to somewhere safe and calm. For me, cinnamon is my favourite.  Planning the future – Nothing helps me escape the overwhelming present like planning the future. Whether it’s plans for next weekend or plans for buying a house in the next few years, talking about where I want the future to take me calms me down and helps put the present in perspective.   

    So that’s it. The list isn’t exhaustive, and I’ll continue to add to it. It’s nice to remind me, when I’m feeling a little out of control – a little overwhelmed – a little panicky, that there are things in my life that can calm me down, and that I am in control.

    Until next time, 



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