how to cope with feeling overwhelmed

The past couple of weeks have been tough. I’m happy, don’t get me wrong, it’s just so difficult keeping everything in perspective and not getting overwhelmed by everything and anything. 

I feel useless, I feel weak willed, I feel irrational and I feel a bit pathetic to be honest. This isn’t all of the time, but it’s enough. More than enough. Wallowing in self pity isn’t the way to make this better – actually, it’ll just make it way way worse. And that would just be shit. 

In this post I want to just share some of the things that I’m working on to help me cope with feeling overwhelmed. So, let’s get on with it. 


This first one is a lot of fun for me, I love getting organised. Planners, pens, journals, post its, calendars, apps – I love it all! 

At the minute I’m playing with a Bullet Journal system in a dotted moleskine notebook. If you’re interested, I first stumbled across it on Boho Berry and decided to give it a go. I’m pretty happy with it so far but I’m planning an entire post about how I’ve set it up so I’ll leave it here for now. 

Planning the future weeks and daily to do lists is helping me to put things into perspective and get on top of everything. I can remind myself of all the things I have to look forward to and focus my days around the things I need to do to get me in the mindset I want to be in. Plus, there’s nothing – and I mean nothing – more satisfying than crossing something off a to do list. 


This one is taking some getting used to. This was a suggestion from one of my therapy sessions (I was skeptical but therapy is really helping – you really should try it). Being mindful revolves around doing one thing at a time and when you’re doing that one thing, really being there in the moment. Not thinking about what you need to do in 30 seconds’ time, not what you’re having for lunch, not that awful thing that happened yesterday – just the now. 

It’s hard to get used to in world that’s moving so fast. We’re all multitasking, we’re all thinking about a million things at once. Don’t. Slow down. When you’re having a cup of tea, just have a cup of tea. 

Be an observer. Don’t judge, just observe. Snap judgements can lead to catastrophising a situation, so practicing not judging with the small things will help when it comes to the bigger things. 

“This mug is cream with a capital E on one side and a lower case e on the other. It clinks my top teeth every time I take a sip. The tea is Yorkshire tea with a splash of soya milk. I’m sitting on the sofa on a tartan blanket. The seat is warm where I’ve been sitting for the last few hours. The sun is shining through the gap in the curtains and on to the arm of the sofa to my left.”


This is another one that I’m working on becoming a habit, another one that came from therapy. Whether it’s once a day, twice a day or once an hour, check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Why are you feeling that way? How can you maintain/change your mood?

I do this once a day, just before I go to bed. I rate my day out of 5 based on how my average mood has been throughout the day then I write the thing(s) that I am most grateful for that day. 

It’s a little thing. It takes a couple of minutes. It’s making a huge difference. 

Checking in with myself before I go to bed reminds me that even if I’ve not had a great day, I still have things to be grateful for. It helps my put things into perspective when I’m feeling overwhelmed. 

So that’s it, that’s how I’m currently trying to stay on top of things. As I’ve said before, I’m probably never going to stop worrying, but I can (hopefully) calm the fuck down when I do.

Until next time,




  1. I just LOVE this post, Ellen! Mindfulness is one of the biggest thing that I have been trying to practice in my own life and it truly does make a huge impact.

    Thank you SO much for the shout-out… you’re a doll 🙂


    1. So glad you like the post, mindfulness is something that I’m really working on at the minute. It’s making such a difference, I’m so used to trying to do everything at once. It’s nice to slow it down and just concentrate on now.

      And thank you for your awesome bullet journal posts – you inspired me to give it a go and I love it so far 🙂 x


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