Acceptance: it’s a word that’s thrown around a lot, isn’t it? Radical acceptance is simply accepting things for what they are. No what ifs, just taking the situation as it is and moving on. Doesn’t seem too radical, does it?

It may not seem radical, but it does take bravery. It goes against everything your brain wants you to do.

I’ve just sloshed black coffee all over the new cream carpet

There’s no good in thinking I shouldn’t have taken the coffee into the bedroom. What if I’d just put it down on the table rather than trying (and failing) to place it on the floor. What good will that do? It certainly won’t stop the black coffee from seeping into the nice, new, cream (IT’S CREAM ELLEN, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!) carpet. It will actually make it worse; the longer the coffee stays there, the harder it’ll be to clean.

Radical acceptance is taking the situation as it is.

I can’t reverse it, I can’t turn back time. It’s happened. Better start cleaning. Then probably make another coffee.

Radical acceptance is the way to take any situation, whether it’s something small or something much bigger and life altering. Reflection and hindsight are essential for learning, but dwelling on something that has already happened isn’t helpful and isn’t healthy. It causes unnecessary stress and unnecessary worry. If you start practicing radical acceptance (this is irritating me – is it really that radical?) with the small stuff, it might be a little easier when something really big comes along and screws you over.

Be brave, accept radically. It may seem unnatural at first, but just give it a try.

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